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As the name suggests, my featured yarn today comes to you all the way from France.  I happened upon Tot le Matin at The Sated Sheep, in Dripping Springs, Texas.  (Did I mention just how fabulous that LYS is??!)  The minute I saw this yarn, I knew I needed a skein and actually knew what I needed it for: the Mischa Baby Dress.  And it was perfect!

This yarn is dyed by someone with a lovely eye for color: Lauriane.  Let me tell you more!


Tot le Matin is dyed on a variety of bases, including (but not limited to)…

Sock 100% (Fingering – 100% Merino)

Single Sock (Fingering – 100% Merino)

Sock 75% (Fingering – 75/25)

MCN (Fingering – 80% Merino/10% Cashmere/10% Nylon)

Cotton (Fingering – 50% Cotton/50% Merino)

Twist Sock (Fingering – 100% Merino)

DK 115 (100% Merino)

Sport (100% Merino)

Kidsilk (72% Mohair/28% Silk)

Tot le Matin


Pre-COVID, Tot le Matin was doing dyed-to-order on a regular basis.  Shipping inconveniences have changed that for the time being.  But this yarn can still be found at many local yarn stores.  And one of my favorites, The Sated Sheep, is offering shipping discounts right now.

Ease of Shopping

Due to the Tot le Matin website being primarily in French, it’s not the easiest way to shop for this yarn.  Instead, try finding a retailer in your country.

Tot le Matin

Shipping Costs

I have not ordered directly from this dyer but shipping costs are probably going to be high if you live in the U.S.  Again, I’d look for it in a LYS in the U.S.


This yarn was delightful to knit with when I used it for the baby dress.  The cotton/wool blend was so lovely and perfect for babies or summer garments.  Lauriane’s colors are so soft and pleasant….very calming, which is something much-needed at this time.  I hope you can find this yarn; everyone should see it in person! 

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