Westknits MKAL 2022

Twists and Turns Clue 2

We’re now into week three of  the Westknits MKAL 2022 – Twists and Turns!  It’s been two weeks of, what feels like, non-stop knitting!  Whew!  This shawl is not what I expected – but who knows what to ever expect from Stephen West!  Here are my thoughts on Clue 2!

Clue 2

So if you’d asked me what not to expect in this shawl, it would have been a twisted rib, just like in Joji Locatelli’s Long Summer Cardigan, and cabling.  And Stephen West threw them both in with this Clue 2.  Wow!

So, twisted rib takes time to knit.  I hate any ribbing that’s 1×1 and you add a twist in there, and this is slow going.  You alternate these rows with short row sections on each side of the shawl.  Then, to make things interesting, you add cabling on the bottom.  So again, we’re picking up stitches and then binding off stitches.  Ack!  

Westknits MKAL 2022


Just like last week, this was a lot of knitting for me.  Clues 1 and 2 have been killer.  I don’t normally knit this much during a day and my hands have been aching as a result.  

But this shawl and its construction is fascinating.  Again, I don’t think I’d see this pattern in Ravelry and choose to knit it, but as a MKAL, it’s a lot of fun!  I won’t lie and say that I enjoy the i-Cord bind off with all these stitches – or picking up stitches, but at least I’m gaining a lot of experience with techniques I usually don’t try.  

I’m slightly terrified to see what Clue 3 will bring!

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