Rectangle Shawl

UFO: Rectangle Shawl

I’m continuing my confession posts as I run through some UFOs (unfinished objects) that I’m guilty of not having picked up in years.  It feels good to tell you about these projects, but it will feel better to make some progress – or decisions – regarding them.  One such project is Kim Hamlin’s Rectangle Shawl.  This was the first shawl I ever cast on and I do like it…..

How It Started

I’m pretty sure this yarn and  pattern was a kit from an online yarn store that is no longer in business.  The yarn is so wonderful: Blue Sky Alapaca’s Alpaca Silk (50% Alpaca/50% silk).  And, thankfully, I still love the color – Light Purple.  

This project was very exciting to cast on.  I felt like a real knitter when I cast it on in – cough! – 2007.  Yes, I was a newbie knitter and I didn’t always make the best decisions in regards to projects.  This shawl has languished for so long that I took the needle out of it!  Good grief!


This pattern contains a simple stitch repetition that may be very boring for me now.  Back in 2007, though, the pattern was ideal for getting more comfortable with the basic stitches.  

The main problem I had with Hamlin’s pattern was figuring out how to do yarn overs back in the newbie days of knitting.  No, this pattern would not cause me problems now, but there were definitely some things that confused me as a new knitter.  However, it was a chance to try new things and get more comfortable with knitting, though I sure didn’t get very far with this shawl.

Going Forward

Though I love the idea of this shawl and the simplicity of the pattern, I worry that it’s too simple to keep my interest now.  One thing is certain: I must knit with this yarn.  It is so luxuriously soft and decadent!  

Blue Sky Alpaca

But do I want to knit this Rectangle Shawl?  

If I did, I’d probably rip out what I’ve already done.  It’s not much and I’m sure my newbie mistakes would annoy my seasoned-knitter self.  So I just have to decide if I want to knit this.  

Please let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions?  I clearly need them as I’m undecided!

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