October House Advent Calendar

Using that Advent Calendar

Last year, I bought myself my very first yarn Advent Calendar.  I’d seen dyers create these for years and finally took the plunge last year.  I chose October House because it was Robin’s first time to offer a Calendar, which seemed fitting.  A first for us both!  And it was lovely!  

Seeing as how dyers are now offering Advent Calendars for this year (so early!!), I knew I had to keep to my goal: I must use last year’s calendar in order to justify another one in 2020.  

And so, here we go….

Many, Many FOs

This week, I finished two projects.  Having FOs is always fun and I can’t wait to tell you about them and show them to you.  One of the projects I finished was massive – ahem! – and it was the one that I always kept at work to knit on during lunches in the office.  Now that it’s done, I knew I could cast on a larger project to keep handy for lunches and, now, Zoom calls and webinars.  

And so I’ve casted on not one but two projects this week since I finished two.  Talk about fun!

Advent Calendar

I’ve enjoyed playing with my October House Advent Calendar, trying to decide in which order to place the skeins.  But though I kept playing, I wasn’t sure on a pattern until a few months ago….

October House Fibers

Helen Stewart’s Knitvent last winter came with a stunning pattern: The Habitation Throw, which I’ve mentioned before.  It was love at first sight for me.  The soft colors, the simple yet beautiful design….

The more I played with my Advent Calendar, the more I kept thinking about the Habitation Throw.  So I finally cast it on the other day!  I reorganized my Advent Calendar, again, wound some minis and off I went.  

Habitation Throw

I think this is the perfect Advent Calendar for the Habitation Throw.  Truly.  I thought about organizing the skeins into a gradient but then decided against it.  I loved the sample of the throw so much that I wanted my minis to be varied throughout. 

Habitation Throw
©Helen Stewart

Progress on this project will be slow but it’ll be so much fun as new colors are added in!  And now, I think I can justify buying another Advent Calendar this year!  Any ideas for dyers that I should try?  

I can’t believe I’m excited for December already…..  But I am!

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