Verum Shawl by Jana Huck

Verum Wrap

A few years ago, I started my first big shawl project, inspired and spurred on by a purchase I made of a gradient set from Sundara Yarn.  Nothing makes you want to cast on more than spending good money on fabulous yarn.

Impulsive Yarn Shopping

I say impulsive but this purchase from Sundara was not very impulsive.  Every once in a while, Sundara offers a set like this that is available to pre-order for several days.  I did not buy it impulsively. Instead, I looked for a pattern and thought about it. And then I dreamed about the yarn.  Do you every dream about yarn? I do – quite frequently, in fact. But it’s rare for me to dream about a specific yarn. And I know that I should buy something when I start dreaming about it.  I mean, really – how could it not be fate?

Sundara Yarn gradient set

And so, after several days of contemplating, I kinda-sorta bought this gradient set impulsively.  

On the Needles

I started this project in 2017…and then it sat, untouched, for a while.  Why? Two words: short rows. This project taught me to loathe short rows. I had no idea what I was getting into when I casted on this shawl.  And it didn’t take me long to dread short rows.

While knitting socks, short rows are nothing.  They take up a few minutes of your life – maybe 15 minutes.  The short rows in this shawl tooks months out of my life.  Okay, not really – but they went on endlessly.  And this is the reason I put the project aside for a while.  I finally picked it back up again in August of 2018 and finished it about a month later.

Verum Shawl in Sundara yarn


Pattern: Verum by Jana Huck

Yarn: Sundara Sport Merino Two

Colorway: Autumn in Italy Gradient

Secondary yarn: Tosh Merino DK by Madelinetosh (Ristretto colorway)

Needles: US 4

Made for: me

Time to completion: ~2.5 months

Verum Shawl by Jana Huck

I didn’t love this pattern.  I had a few issues with the way it was written.  Thankfully, Jana responded to my question about the instructions on Ravelry.  My one modification… I didn’t carry the various colors up, as written, but I didn’t want to.  Since I was using a gradient yarn, I wanted a different look.

As I got near the end, I wanted to add a darker color so I found this Madelinetosh in the Ristretto colorway, which brought some depth to the gradient at the end of the shawl.

All in all, I like how this wrap turned out.  The colors in Sundara’s yarn are stunning and I loved knitting with them.  My next big shawl, however, will be devoid of short rows!

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