Walk Collection

Walk Collection

Don’t you love it when, after seeing a yarn online for months or years, you finally get to see it and feel it in person?  Such was the case with Walk Collection yarn for me.  I’d seen this Germany-based dyer all the time on social media but when I visited a yarn store in Colorado  last year, I finally got to see this yarn in person.  And it was gorgeous!  Cathrin Walk  is the creator of this lovely yarn company and she and her team are so, so talented at what they do!  

Let me tell you more…


Walk has so many bases to choose from!  This is just a sampling…

Suri Fluff Merlino (Light Fingering – 74% Suri/26% silk)

Tough Sock (Light Fingering -75/25)

Bliss (Fingering – 100% Merino)

Cottage Mohair (Fingering – 80% Merino/20% Mohair)

Merlino (Fingering – 90% Merino/10% Flax, Linen)

Cozy Silk Fingering (70% Merino/30% silk)

Merino DK (100% Merino)

Merion Sport (100% Merino)

Walk Collection


The Walk Collection website generally has a lot of yarn available.  Shipping is sure to be pricey so I would definitely recommend finding this yarn in your own country.  Many retailers in the United States now carry this yarn.

Ease of Shopping

The Walk Collection website is very easy to navigate.

Walk Collection


I have never ordered from Walk in Germany so I cannot speak to shipping costs.  But use your judgement – and your location – to decide how best to find this yarn.


I must find the perfect shawl with which to use my Walk Collection yarn!  I love the colors!  Cathrin has such a good eye for tones and hues….  I’m truly impressed by everything she dyes.  Be sure to follow her on Instagram!

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