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West 7th Wool

My local yarn store is West 7th Wool in Fort Worth.  It’s a lovely store and I’m so lucky to have it nearby.  But it hasn’t been here for long and, before it opened, yarn was not always easy to come by in my neighborhood.


When I first moved to For Worth, well over 10 years ago, there was one yarn store in the main part of town and one up north.  Well, I never ventured up north so that left one store in a very old, rundown part of town. The owner was lovely and I took several classes from her in my formative knitting years.  But her yarn selection was not really current – she stocked a lot of “granny yarn” (for lack of a better way of describing it). That being said, I bought my first skein of Madelinetosh there – back before Madelinetosh was known to anyone.

About five years later, a store called Madtosh opened.  It stocked, primarily, Madelinetosh. (Go figure.) It was a nice store but the employees were lacking…warmth.  And then, after a few years, it closed. And then, the other two yarn stores closed.  It was a sad, sad time.

New Beginnings

West 7th Wool opened and they were a breath of fresh air.  The owners, Amy and Hunter, are nice and actually keep up with knitting trends and popular yarns.  It’s so nice to go in there and talk about Andrea Mowry’s latest pattern and they know exactly what yarn was used – and usually have it in stock.  

The employees are nice and there is almost always someone sitting and knitting near the front door.  They have classes and trunk shows….and they even bring in big names to teach and give talks. I must admit that I haven’t taken full advantage of all these things but I definitely make a point to go to trunk shows when something piques my interest.

West 7th Wool


West 7th Wool carries many of the yarns you see while pursuing social media these days: Hedgehog, Lemonade Shop, Spincycle Yarn, Dream in Color, Traveling Yarn, Anzula, and Three Irish Girls.  And they carry some Texas dyers – Brazen Stitchery, Twisted Owl, Chasing Rabbits, Yarn Carnival, and, of course, Madelinetosh.

They also carry the popular serials everyone is looking for, like Laine and Making.  And needles and notions, of course.

West 7th Wool

West 7th also has a rewards program.  You accumulate points for every dollar spent in order to get money off a purchase.  Who doesn’t like that?!


West 7th Wool is open every day except Monday.  While I hate for anyone to have to work on Sundays, it does make things more convenient for those of us who cannot easily shop during the week.

Their location is good – near the middle of town and in a popular area.  


West 7th Wool is located at:

3612 W 7th St D

Fort Worth, TX 76107

Amy and Hunter also host a fun podcast.  Watch it here.

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