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Westknits MKAL 2022

I cannot believe the first day of fall has come and gone….and with that, it means it’s almost time for Stephen West’s (Westknits) MKAL of 2022!  Yes!  This annual shawl mystery knit along is something I now look forward to every year!  This will be my third time participating and I cannot wait!

What It Is

Every year, in October, thousands of knitters around the globe follow Amsterdam-based Stephen West on a mystery knit along featuring one of his very extravagant designs.  You never know what you’re knitting!  But every week, you’re given a piece of the puzzle to knit.  And every week you scratch your head and wonder what-the-heck Stephen is doing.

I’ve learned to not stress and just go with the flow (wow, Slipstravaganza), as Stephen always advises in his tutorial videos.  There’s no way to predict what stitches (ahem, Shawlography) he’ll come up with so it’s best to just follow along and let him do all the thinking for you!

What We Know

Stephen released a video to talk about what to expect this year and what yarn is needed.  He always does this with plenty of time for you to get the yarn and supplies you need for the MKAL.  

And we have clues to go with the yarn: Twists and Turns is the name for this MKAL.  Who knows what the heck that will translate to in that Westknits brain!  Ha! 

And the yarn needed: two pairs of matching skeins and one contrast skein, all fingering weight.  As always, you can decide how much contrast you want and how bold you dare to go!


Though I would have preferred to use stash yarn, always, I do not have many pairs of matching skeins.  Actually, I don’t think I have any.  (Ack, sock knitting!)

Swoon Fibers

So that meant buying yarn.  I didn’t see any kits I loved so I started fresh in my search for yarn.  And I decided to be practical….  I wanted colors that I could wear with the clothes in my closet.  That means more sensible colors, which I usually hesitate to knit with.  I decided to try to find some blues and then I found the perfect skeins from Swoon Fibers…  A light blue, a lovely teal, and a contrasting brown.  Now, I must admit that I’ve already ordered a different contrasting skein from Madelinetosh but it hasn’t arrived.  I like the brown but I’m not sold on it….  

I’ll let you know what I decide but I love this yarn from Swoon Fibers.  And I can’t wait for the MKAL!  

Now to clear off those needles in preparation…..

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