WIPs – April 2021

April has been a busy month.  After weeks of feeling unproductive in my knitting, I finally finished  a ton of stuff!  Oh, my gosh, it’s been so exciting!  I’ve had so many fun things going but it’s always so satisfying to finish projects!

Scrappy Socks

This is such a fun project!  I’ve seen the Crazy Sock Lady’s scrappy socks and was itching to cast on some of my own.  After all, who doesn’t have tons of yarn scraps!  But I get bothered by scrappy projects with no rhyme or reason.  So these socks are using the leftovers from my Slipstravaganza Shawl, plus another coral colorway.  So, coral scrappy socks!

scrappy socks

My Hat

This is my design of a colorwork hat.  And I’ve made no progress on it.

Battenberg Blanket

The little crocheted squares of the Battenberg Blanket continue to give me great joy.  I crochet a few every week, though my original goal was to do one a day.  Life got busy!  Hopefully I can make more soon!

Powder and Dust Shawl

This pattern, from Veera Valimaki, is so much fun to knit!  I’m well into the second color and the second lace pattern.   I do one or two rows a night on this shawl, just to make a bit of progress throughout the week.

Powder and Dust


Socks!  My Have Wool socks are done!  These were a lot of fun!  And the color was great!   The leftovers are accompanying my other coral hues in the Scrappy Socks mentioned above.

It only took 11 months but my Habitation Throw is done.  DONE!  Amazing!  This was such a cathartic knit…  I can see myself making another one in the future!  

I’ve now knit two of Joji Locatelli’s Blurry Cowl!!  Yes, two!  I was working on one last month and finished another one last week!  I have to make myself one now (the others have been gifts), but I’m going to take a short break before I do that.

What’s Next

I want to get another big project, similar to the Habitation Throw, going so that I can use my Woolberry Advent Calendar from December.  And I already have the pattern picked out!

As usual, I want more socks on the needles, but I want to make a bit more progress on my scrappy socks, first.  Really, there are so many things I want to do, that I get overwhelmed by it all! 

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