Samphire Socks

WIPs – August 2019

Life has been busy.  There’s been an increased number of unexpected medical issues to deal with, which has been frustrating and stressful.  Through it all, I’ve kept up with my knitting, though I’ve had to slow down a bit. My WIPs have progressed in August, despite it all!  

Oh and Matt and I spent the last two weeks watching Benedict Cumberbatch’s “Sherlock,” which is great fun to knit to!

Here’s what’s on the needles….

Close to You Shawl 

Is done!  I finished it just after my last WIPs post.  I’ll talk more about this next week but I loved working with a new indie dyer’s yarn for this shawl!

Samphire Socks

My official August project is Helen Stewart’s Samphire Socks, from the 2019 Sock Society.  These are a lot of fun! I turned them into super shorties because, you know, I live in Texas.  

I chose Woolen Boon yarn – a new addition to my stash – with which to knit these.  And all I can say is, wow! This yarn is a delight to work with! The speckles, though subtle, literally take my breath away.  And the variances in the yarn…just beautiful!

Find Your Fade

Not much progress was made on my Fade this month.  With all the doctor’s appointments, my knitting time at work dwindled significantly.  I hope that will change next month because I’m loving my progress so far!

Find Your Fade

Next Up

I’ve already wound the yarn for a baby dress to gift to a co-worker for her first baby.  I’m super excited to try a new and different pattern AND a new indie dyer. I’ve made a point to buy new-to-me yarns for every knitting need I see in the future.  And it’s so much fun!

As always, the details on all my projects are on my Ravelry page.  What projects are you working on?

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