WIPs August

WIPs – August 2022

The summer, especially August, has flown by and, in my opinion, it can’t end fast enough!  I’m ready for fall.  And I’m really ready for cooler temps and college football!  That means more knitting time and lots of family fun! 

Here are my WIPs for th emonth!

Second Hedgerow Socks

I started another test knit for CrystalTeaKnits…..  But life got in the way and I just didn’t have the mental capacity to do the pattern.  So I changed it to make it easier and more portable.  I’m using yarn leftover from some other socks I made.  So cool!

Hedgerow Socks

Advent Cowl Wolop

I’m making this fun pattern using my 2021 Advent from Blush Yarns.  I generally work on this every morning for 30 minutes….and it’s such a fun way to start the morning!

Wolop Cowl

Selbu Mittens

I haven’t made much progress on these mitts.  I don’t know where my motivation for this pattern went, but it’s evaporated.  I hope I rediscover it soon! 

Long Summer Cardigan

This project has not gotten a lot of love and I really need to remedy that.  I’m thinking of devoting one night a week to knitting on this project.  I really want the end result so I need to get knitting!

Battenberg Blanket

I’ve been knitting squares with the leftovers from my Advent Cowl and slowly crocheting them together.  I still love this project and the little squares so much!

Battenburg Blanket

October House Cowl

This cowl, based on the Crosshatch pattern from Purl Soho, hasn’t gotten much love at all.  I’m hoping to get some work done on this during Saturday football games now that those are starting this weekend!

Lava Lake

This shawl from Stephen West is just so much fun!  And I’m loving the coral and pink colors that I’ve chosen for the fade.  This pattern is simple enough to be able to knit anywhere – so just what I needed!

Lava Lake


Since I’ve had a bit less time to knit lately, I only have one FO: the Dorothy Socks Test Knit for CrystalTeaKnits.  This was a lovely pattern with a simple design which I very much enjoyed.  And the yarn, from Chelsea Yarns, was a delight.  I’ll share more about these with you soon!

What’s Next

I’m still on my Christmas sock binge and I have one more pair I really must get done soon!  This one will use yarn from Must Stash so I can’t wait to start these!  

What’s next on your knitting list? 

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