WIPs – December 2020

The holidays have come and gone so quickly!  Wow!  I took a bit of time off from blogging and social media in order to host family and get some rest.  Now, I’m happy to be able to write about all the FOs I didn’t really intend on having at this point in the year.  December is usually about finishing projects, not starting them, but I feel like I started more than ever before!!

Let me tell you more about these WIPs…

Habitation Throw

This throw, though I love it, didn’t get as much love as it deserved this month.  Work was crazy and then, with the holiday break, I didn’t get to work on the Habitation Throw enough.  I hope to be able to remedy this and finish this project in the next few months.

Habitation Throw

Advent Socks

I kept up with all my stripes for Advent, which is the purpose of these socks (from The Cozy Knitter).  But then I got distracted by other projects.  I’m to the point of adding toes on to these tubes and then I can do my first-ever afterthought heel!  And that scares me to death!!!

The Cozy Knitter

Must Stash Socks

These socks didn’t get too much attention this month.  I really want to finish them – and I could, anytime, just by making them shorter socks, which I like.  So I really need to just measure these for the afterthought heel and see how high I want the leg to be.  Details – it’s always the details that doom me in knitting!

Antler Mitts

This project was an impulsive cast on.  I wanted to get some mittens done in 2020 and I may just be able to pull it out if I can get some quality knitting done tonight and tomorrow.  The yarn for these – Willow Creek, made in Estes Park, CO – was too delicious to pass up the last time I visited The Stitchin’ Den.

Except for a Mouse

Except For a Mouse

One of my knitting goals for 2020 was to knit an ornament.  I almost succeeded.  I’m about ⅓ of the way done with this charming ornament.  But other projects needed my attention and I still haven’t finished this adorable mouse!  


I knit up three dishcloths for stocking stuffers for my mother – just in time for Christmas.  That took a lot of my evening knitting time away during the first half of the month, but they were fun to do.

What’s Next

I must admit: I’m a bit overwhelmed by all these WIPs.   I want to finish the Advent Socks and the Antler Mitts in the next week or so.  Then, well….

First up will be some socks for a gift.  But I also really want to design some patterns.  That’s my top priority for 2021.  So I need to get to work on that.  My urge to make shawls is very, very strong so we’ll see how long I can resist that particular temptation.   

What’s next for you?  Are you setting any 2021 knitting goals?

I’ll write more about my goals in a few weeks!  In the meantime, happy knitting!

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