WIPs December

WIPs – December 2021

So how in the world is December almost over?!  This month went by in the blink of an eye!  I got so much done and had a lovely holiday but I can’t believe it’s over!  I sincerely hope that your month was a joyous one, filled with love, laughter, and knitting!  And speaking of knitting, I have so much to tell you about today!

Sock Test Knit

I’m doing my very first test knit for a designer!  What is a test knit?  It’s when a designer asks for knitters to work through their new design to check for mistakes and make sure it all works smoothly, before it’s published.  Crystal Tea Knits, who designed the Candy Cane Lane Advent Shawl, opened a call for testers for some socks she’s designing and I was only too happy to volunteer to knit them!  

Crystal Tea Knits

For this project, I’m using some holiday-themed yarn from Plank and Stella!  And I’m loving these socks so far!

Long Summer Cardigan

I really, really hope to get some work done on Joji Locatelli’s lovely cardigan design in January and February.

Must Stash Christmas Socks

These socks, using Must Stash Yarn, are coming along but I had hoped to have them done by now.  I was knitting on these everyday in Advent but they’re working up a bit slower than my Advent socks did.  But I love this yarn and these socks are making me so, so happy.

Must Stash yarn

Battenberg Blanket

These little squares are so much fun but I haven’t made many this month!  Advent and Christmas projects took a front seat!

October House Cowl

I wanted to knit a special project using this lovely yarn – some of my favorite yarn ever – from October House.  I started a cowl, improvising a pattern using Purl Soho’s Crosshatch Cowl as a base.  And even though I thought I had enough stitches, this cowl is too small!  Ugh!  So I’ll have to frog this and start again.  So frustrating!

October House cowl


I finished my Candy Cane Lane Advent Shawl just after I posted about November WIPs!  Yay!  This shawl, from Crystal Tea Knits, is so, so lovely.  The yarn from Woolberry (last year’s Advent calendar) is so soft and squishy….perfect for a shawl!  

My Advent Socks, using The Cozy Knitter’s Advent Skein, were finished on time, just a few days after Christmas (I kept putting off stitching up the toe!).  These are so much fun and I hope to continue making these every year!

One lingering pair of socks I wanted to finish before Advent were my Wool and Vinyl striped socks.  This yarn is amazing and I really enjoyed striping the two colors!  I’ll share these with you soon!  

What’s Next

I want to have tons of Christmas socks next year so I’m on a mission to knit all the holiday-themed socks this year!  But first, a pair of birthday socks for my mom! 

2022 may be the year of socks! 

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