WIPs December

WIPs – December 2022

And just like that, December, and 2022, is coming to a close.  How is that possible?!  This year has gone by so much faster than any other year, it seems.  And I’m so frustrated!  It was definitely a good knitting year but, as always, I wish I’d had time to knit more! 

Let’s run through my WIPs!

Advent Socks

Now that my stripes are done – and done on time! – I’m now working on the toes of these Freckled Whimsy socks.  And I love the colors of these socks so much!  They are my new favorite Advent socks!

Freckled Whimsy

Christmas Scrappy Socks

Since I knit all those Christmas socks for my family, I decided to use some of the scraps to make a pair of socks for myself.  I’m using the Must Stash Elf’d/Holly Jolly  colorway and Coloring Book Yarn’s Vintage Holiday.  I’m  just now past the heel on these.

Christmas socks

Advent Cowl Wolop

I was hoping to finish this cowl this year and I’m so close!  I’m using yarn from my Blush Yarns Advent calendar from last year.  And it’s gorgeous!  Hopefully I’ll find time this week to finish it!

Wolop Cowl

Selbu Mittens

I haven’t made much progress on these mitts.  I’m hoping to rediscover my inspiration in the new year!

Long Summer Cardigan

This project has not gotten much love this month; my knitting life has been too busy.   Joji Locatelli’s pattern is so, so pretty and I really want to finish it!

Battenberg Blanket

I’ve crocheted many squares for this blanket but haven’t had much time to sew many together.  But this is a project that will keep me entertained for years!

Lava Lake

Several times, in between socks, I’ve picked up this shawl this month – but only to knit a few rows.  I love it and it will continue to get more love in the new year.


Since my last WIP rundown, I finished my Stay Cozy socks, which was a pattern from Tracie Miller of the Grocery Girls.  These were my first colorwork socks!  And they were so much fun!  I have enough yarn in the kit to make another pair so I’ll probably make some stripey socks!  Look for an FO page on these soon!

What’s Next

I’m going to knit  another pair of socks out of my Freckled Whimsy Advent skein….and probably cast on some new socks. I like to have plenty of socks on the needles, after all!  But I really need to make progress on my Lava Lake….and start to plan out my gift knitting for the year! 

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