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WIPs – February 2021

Wow, this month has been crazy!!  We had a week of being snowed/iced in – with various utilities going on and offline.  Normally, that would be excellent knitting conditions.  But let me tell you – it’s very hard to knit in a house that’s 49 degrees.  Your fingers don’t move very well!  But despite that, I’ve made some good progress on my WIPs and I’m anxious to finish several of them!!!

Habitation Throw

I guess this qualifies as my thirty-minutes of knitting a day, which is something a lot of knitters do to try to habitually work on a project that may seem never ending.  This gets lots of love during the week on my lunch breaks and I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel – as I have very few minis left from my Advent calendar!!

Habitation Throw

Must Stash Socks

I’m knitting these socks on tiny circulars and I’m now done knitting my tube.  I just need to do the toes and afterthought heels.  I’m really curious to see how my second time with these heels goes!

Must Stash Socks

My Hat

I’m designing a colorwork hat.  But I haven’t worked on it this month at all.  Instead, I’m focusing on the sock pattern I’m designing….

My Socks

I’ve finished the heel flap and gusset on these so I’m now knitting on the foot.  Yay!  These are turning out even lovelier than I expected, given the beautiful yarn from Melinda of Chrysalis Yarn.  I definitely don’t have any comparable colors in my stash so I’m glad I splurged on this skein of yarn!

Chrysalis socks

Have Wool Socks

I got a little cast-on happy when I decided to work on another pair of socks.  Actually, I originally was going to use this yarn for my own design but it just wasn’t working with the pattern.  So these are relatively vanilla socks with a simple pattern of knit 9, purl 1 all around.


What’s Next

I’m itching to cast on so many things!  I’m definitely going to take a break from socks after I finish the three listed above.  I want to knit some gifts and shawls….well, all the shawls!  With so many socks on the needles, I’m definitely dreaming of other projects!


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