WIPs February 2022

WIPs – February 2022

February has been an odd month.  Like last year, we’ve had our fair share of winter weather, this time with two winter storms.  There has been plenty of knitting time, but with so many WIPs, I have only one FO.  I’m not sad about it; I’m really enjoying my WIPs.! 

Maybe I am a process knitter…..

Color Me Sheepish Socks

These are the first of 4 or 5 Christmas socks that I want to knit this year so that I’ll have plenty of festive socks come December.  I saw this yarn on Instagram and really liked the addition of the brown stripe along with the traditional colors.  Just lovely!!  

Color Me Sheepish socks

All Together Now Cowl

The Love in Stitches membership chose to knit this colorwork project and, though I had no intention of casting anything on, much less a cowl, I cast this on.  Why?  I thought it’d be a great way to use up scrap yarn and I was right!  I love how it’s turning out!

All Together Now Cowl

Long Summer Cardigan

There has been a tiny bit of progress on this cardigan, but not much.  I did, however, put my stitches on hold in order to start the front.  So, yay!  

Long Summer Cardigan

Habitation Throw #2

For my second Habitation Throw, I’m using my Advent from Murray Wool Goods.   My goal with this is to knit one color a week and so far this is a great, feasible goal!  I love it when I actually accomplish goals!  Ha!

Habitation Throw

Battenberg Blanket

I made some slow but sure progress on my little Battenberg squares!  I got several squares done in one week when I had virtual training…  So my pile is growing!

October House Cowl

This cowl, based on the Crosshatch pattern from Purl Soho, is coming along slowly and I have no plans to speed it along.  This is super easy knitting for when I don’t have the brain capacity for anything else.

Crosshatch Cowl


I finished my mom’s Birthday Socks and they turned out great!  For these vanilla socks, I used yarn from Big Sky Yarn and it was a lot of fun to work with!  I’ll post more on these beauties soon!

What’s Next

There are about four socks I’m dying to cast on but I must finish something first!  And of course there are other things I’d love to knit…..  We’ll see what happens to fall onto the needles!

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