Arya Shawl

WIPs – January 2020

January and February are, generally, great months for knitting.  It’s cold. I’m eating strict and, therefore, have fewer social engagements.  There are few, if any, family events…. All this means more downtime, which means more knitting.  This January has been a bit busier, due to unforeseen circumstances, but I’ve still managed some good progress on my WIPs.  

Arya Shawl (above)

I was very excited to finally be able to cast on a project on January 1.  I tried to do this last year and failed.   This is my first pattern to knit by Ambah O’Brien, which is super exciting.  And I was able to use some new yarns – Plank and Stella and Fiber Seed.  And they’re both lovely! This is also the first shawl I’ve knit with DK weight yarn, which knits up so quickly!  

And I’m loving getting outside of my usual color comfort zone with teals!  So many “firsts” going on with this shawl!  I was annoyed with myself, though….  I made a mistake of the first set of slipped stitches.  But surely no one will notice…right?  Ugh.

Allie Shawl

This shawl is a KAL (knit-a-long) that I’m doing with my knitting pal, Cheryl.  We both had 3-skein kits of fingering weight yarn that we wanted to use and finally settled on this pattern.  And, as luck would have it, this was one of the only kits I’ve bought that uses the colors/yarn in the pattern.  I fell in love with the color combination and just had to have it!

Allie Shawl

I’m done with the very thick mosaic border of this shawl, which looks to be the hardest part.  And I learned a fun new skill – mosaic knitting!

Vanilla Socks

Nothing has happened to these socks.  But I hope to get some progress made on the gusset this weekend!

Find Your Fade

I just added the second-to-last color to my Fade!  Yay! And I love this October House color: Par Avion.  Knitting at work is about to get harder as my lunches are getting booked for the next few weeks.  But maybe I can finish this shawl in a few months! Maybe! I hope!

Find Your Fade

Lollipop Socks

These are finished!  Yay! I really wanted to finish them on December 31 but it was January 1, instead.  So, I already have an FO for 2020! But I kinda feel like it was cheating. Not that I meant to!  I really tried to get the toes done on the 31st but ran out of time.

What’s Next

It’s rare for me to have so many projects going at once.  So I’m going to keep working on getting something finished!! 

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