WIPs – January 2021

2021 is here – for better or worse.  January has not been a great month for me; in fact, it’s been absurdly stressful all due to work issues.  My  knitting has been a bit unfocused as well, as you could tell from my post last week.  But I have plenty of WIPs going and I’m slowly getting more focused.  Slowly.  

And I’m sure you’re happy to find out that I’m once again finding yarns to love via Instagram.  Again, for better or worse.  Ha!  But let’s get into the WIPs.

Must Stash Socks

These socks, which I’m knitting on tiny circular needles, are getting some love in between projects, or when I’m feeling unfocused, which was frequent in January.  They’re still not long enough, though, so I’ll keep plugging away with these.  I do adore this Must Stash colorway.  So pretty!

Habitation Throw

Yes, I’m still knitting on this during my lunch breaks.  And I brought it out on our snow day earlier this month!  Yes, we had a snow Sunday and it was lovely!  Even Dooku snuggled up to me while I was knitting on this!

cat WIPs

My Hat

I’ve started working on the colorwork hat I’m designing.  I’m still on the cuff ribbing because I keep getting distracted by other projects.  The yarn is lovely. My local yarn store, West 7th Wool, started dyeing their own yarn and this is it!  So pretty and squishy soft!


My Socks

In keeping with my goals for the year, I’ve also started working on my own sock design.  I did a test of the pattern on some socks, which I’ll talk about in a bit, and have now decided on the final pattern.  Unfortunately, I’m not loving this colorway for the pattern.  So I’ve ordered (I know, I know) some new yarn which will hopefully work better.  



This month, I’ve completed two projects.  My first FO was my Advent Socks – with my first afterthought heel!!  They look amazing!  I’ll share them with you soon!  

My second FO was a pair of socks in which I tried my sock design on the back of the leg.  And I don’t love it there.  So these socks, while perfectly serviceable and even pretty, will be deemed a test case for the pattern.  I did a short leg, which I prefer, so they were a quick knit.

What’s Next

I’m itching to cast on a shawl.  I also want to design a shawl this year but that will have to wait until I finish the hat and sock designs.  So I may just have to cast on a random shawl.  I’ve already picked out yarn from my stash and narrowed it down to two patterns.  We’ll see if I can get this on the needles soon!

What’s on your needles??  I hope you’re finding comfort and happiness in your knitting!

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