WIPs January

WIPs – January 2023

I’ve had a slew of FOs (finished objects) since I last ran down my WIPs in December.  So that means a lot of new WIPs!!  January is the time for new beginnings and I have tons of projects on the mind and several on the needles.  

Without further ado, let’s get started!

2nd Advent Socks

My BFF was so in love with my Freckled Whimsy Advent Socks that she wanted a pair!  Thankfully, my pair of socks only used half a skein so I’m now making her a pair out of the leftovers.  And considering how much I loved my pair, I’m so glad the rest of the yarn is getting used up by someone who actively wants it!

Advent Socks

Land of Sweets Cowl

Using my 12-day Advent from Lay Family Yarn, I’ve started Helen Stewart’s Land of Sweets Cowl.  This is something I’ve wanted to make for quite some time and I’m really enjoying it!  This will probably be a gift.

Land of Sweets

Selbu Mittens

I haven’t made any progress on these.  But I’m adamant on getting these done soon.  This is getting to be ridiculous!

Long Summer Cardigan

This project has not gotten much love this month but I have managed a few rows here and there.  Joji Locatelli’s pattern is great, I’m just consumed with socks and such.

Battenberg Blanket

I keep crocheting little squares for this blanket….   But this is going to take a loooong time to make!

Battenburg Blanket

Lava Lake

I’ve spent quite a bit of time on this project this month.  I love the yarn so much….so many pinks and corals….  I usually spend time on this on the weekends when we’re watching movies!

Lava Lake


My Advent Cowl Wolop was completed on December 31st!  Yay!  I did not enjoy finishing off the provisional cast-on but it was mostly worth it because I love how this cowl turned out!  More on this soon!

My Christmas Scrappy Socks turned out great!  Using leftovers from Must Stash and Coloring Book Yarns, these socks make me so happy!   Too bad I won’t’ wear them for 11 or so months!

My pair of Advent Socks using yarn from Freckled Whimsy are just adorable.  I can’t believe I didn’t think to buy this Advent skein before this year.  These socks have my heart!

Since we last spoke, I’ve also knit a pair of Birthday Socks for my mom.  These took two weeks to knit and are just adorable.  I used yarn from Speckled Finch’s Yarn Bliss Box and I’m in love with these!

What’s Next

Big surprise: more socks!  And I’m hoping to get work done on some of these other outstanding WIPs.  

What’s on your needles in 2023?

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