WIPs – July 2020

The summer is flying by.  And I’m happy it is.  I don’t much enjoy Texas summers.  Heat is not something I’ve ever enjoyed.  I’m more of a fall/winter girl.   But at least all this confinement to air conditioned interiors has made me make a lot of knitting progress.  I don’t have any FOs this month – so far – but I’ve made great progress on some WIPs (works in progress).  

Let me tell you more….

Habitation Throw

This lovely pattern from Helen Stewart is my lunchtime knitting during the work week.  I try to do about 30 minutes a day…but sometimes meetings and errands interfere.  Still, I’m loving my progress.  I’m now on my sixth mini skein and need to wind more of them!  I love choosing which colors to knit up next!

Habitation Throw

Must Stash Traveling Socks

These socks have gotten little love, though I have finished the cuffs of both.  And yes, I always knit two socks at a time on two different needles.  I hate the thought of finishing a sock and having an entire other one to knit.  

Must Stash socks


Wow, I’m almost done with my second ever sweater!  I’ve started the bottom 2.5” border of this sweater.  I added a few increases to take my hips into account – because, female here – but that’s the only adjustment I’ve made.  We’ll have to see how long the short-sleeves are….they may have to be shorter.  Because, Texas.  


Stillness Shawl MKAL

Clue #5  – the final clue – was just released on Thursday and I’m loving it!  Everything about this shawl has been so much fun.  There have been so many techniques and, combined with three different colors of yarn, there’s now way to get bored with it. Plus, having so much to knit each week definitely keeps you on your toes.  I very frequently finish a clue on Wednesday, just before the next one comes out on Thursday.  So I’ll try to finish this shawl by Thursday.  Wow!  

What’s Next

If I can finish up the Stillness Shawl and Cloudesley in the next few weeks, I want to get something short and sweet done.  I may finish that Market Bag I told you about; getting rid of a UFO sounds very appealing.  But something else may catch my eye before that.  We’ll just have to see!

What’s on your needles?  Is it making you happy?

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