July WIPs

WIPs – July 2021

June was busy…and July has been never ending, and not in a good way.  There has been a lot of stress at home – and a new job.  Knitting has, literally, kept me sane some days.  July also contained KnittyNatty’s Sock Week challenge, which was super fun and rewarding!  

But there was so much more knitting….

Herbstblatt Socks

I cast on these socks for no particular reason; I just needed to knit socks in the midst of knitting the Blurry Cowl again.  I did a deep dive into my stash and pulled out some yarn from Herbstblatt Regina, a German dyer who is no longer dyeing yarn.  The colorway is beautiful but the yarn is just a bit scratchier than what I’m used to.   These will be great for winter!

Herbstblatt Regina

Junkyarn Socks

Again, I just had to knit more socks.  But I mainly decided to cast on these because I wanted to try knitting socks on two circular needles instead of double-pointed needles.  I watched a video from The Crazy Sock Lady and jumped right in.  So far, I’m really liking it.  

Junkyarn Socks

Battenberg Blanket

While in Montana, I bought some natural yarn from Polka Dot Sheep to use for the neutral color in this blanket. So I’m knitting off-white squares along with all the colorful ones! 

Candy Cane Lane Advent Shawl

This shawl is something I pull out every morning for 30 minutes before work.  My new job has less work hours in the week (amazing!) so I ease into the day with some knitting and it is perfect!  And I’m getting into some lovely pinks finally!

Candy Cane Lane Shawl

Powder and Dust Shawl

This shawl is definitely coming along.  I’ve decided to put on a patterned border at the end.  So there’s no rhyme or reason to much of what I did with this but I still love it!

Powder and Dust Shawl


I finished third and possibly last Blurry Cowl this month.  And this one was for me, unlike the last two, so there was plenty of pink.  I’ll share this FO with you soon!

For Sock Week, I knitted one sock that is a gift.  And then, the next week, I finished the second sock!  Yay!  Fast gift knitting is awesome!  And Sock Week – knitting a sock in a week – was a great challenge!

What’s Next

More socks?!  Ha!  I’m itching to knit another shawl but I need to get the Powder and Dust off my needles first.  I’m already looking forward to Stephen West’s MKAL in October….  The Slipstravaganza was so much fun.  But at the same time, I’m a bit nervous about what he’ll dream up.  Perhaps I should just choose a pattern from his large library of shawl patterns and knit that instead?!

I hope your knitting is relaxing and fruitful!

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