WIPs – July 2022

It’s hot.  So, so hot in Texas!!  I’m ready for fall and fall football and something other than 100˚ days!  But even though it’s hot, I’m still knitting.  I’m still loving yarn, though I haven’t bought as much lately (and I’m sure that makes Matt very happy!).  Instead of yarn,  I’ve been buying books, desperate to escape the craziness of the current world.  But knitting – and all my WIPs – also provide an excellent escape….

Here are my WIPs!

Dorothy Test Knit

Tara of CrystalTeaKnits asked me to test knit her Dorothy Socks..  This is my third test knit for her and I’m loving it so far!  There is no lace in this pattern and, though I love how delicate it makes socks, I’m always happy with simplicity.  I’m using a Valentine yarn from Chelsea Yarns and it’s gorgeous.

Dorothy Socks

Advent Cowl Wolop

Since I finished my second Habitation Throw (!!!), which I’ll discuss soon, I decided to make this cowl using my Advent from Blush Yarns.  With the yarn  leftovers, I’m making tons of Battenberg squares!

Wolop Cowl

Selbu Mittens

I haven’t made much progress on these mitts.  They require more concentration than I can give while watching TV, so I haven’t had a chance to work on these.  

Selbu Mitts

Long Summer Cardigan

This project got some love while I attended a virtual conference this past week.  This is a great project for these types of occasions – long rows of one stitch!

Long Summer Cardigan

Battenberg Blanket

I’ve knit quite a few squares for this blanket, using yarn leftover from the cowl above….and I’ve even sewn some squares together.  Slow but steady progress!

Battenberg Blanket

October House Cowl

This cowl, based on the Crosshatch pattern from Purl Soho, hasn’t gotten much love at all.  Though I love the yarn, I’m just not loving the slow stitch.

Lava Lake

This shawl is just what I needed from Stephen West: simple, big, and fun.  It’s easy to knit on when I’m tired and the larger needles give my hands a break from knitting socks.  This is a great project!


I finished another pair of socks – my Coloring Book Christmas Socks!!  These are just too adorable for words!  I’ll be sure to share these with you soon on the blog!

And my second Habitation Throw is complete!  This throw will continue to be one of my favorite patterns of all time.  It’s so simple but so elegant….  I love it!

For KnittyNatty’s Sock Week, I successfully knit one sock for my pair of Holly Christmas Socks.  Once that one was done, I cast on the next and finished the pair in about two weeks!  Wow!

What’s Next

I’d really like to make more progress on some of my stagnant projects.  But I’m also reading a lot, which has surprised me. I’ve always been an avid reader but in the last few years, my reading slowed considerably.  Now, since we’re not traveling and there’s little to look forward to, I’m enjoying the escape books bring. 

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