Close to You shawl

Knitting WIPs – June 2019

In a rare bout of productivity, I can claim two FOs (finished objects) in the month of June – along with two WIPs on the knitting needles.  To be fair, one should have been completed in May but I dragged my feet a bit to make sure I was knitting it correctly.  Better safe than sorry, after all!

So now I’m back on track with my goal of finishing twelve projects this year – one for every month.  Yay!

Here’s this month’s knitting round-up….

FO: Baby Gift

I can’t say too much about this – since it is a gift – but I will be sharing details in the coming month.  I’m super happy with how this project came out – and so happy to use a new-to-me indie dyer. It’s so much fun finding new dyers!  

FO: Basic Top-Down Socks

I love having socks on the needles.  And it’s always a joy to knit with Must Stash Yarn.  Look at this self-striping loveliness! This picture shows these as a WIP but I’ll be posting about these soon on the blog!

Vanilla socks

Close to You Shawl

My July project is already on the needles (pictured above)!  This is a gift for a knitter so I wanted to use some extra special yarn and a lovely shawl pattern for a single skein.  This shawl, by Justyna Lorkowska, looked interesting yet simple – just what I need for TV knitting in the evenings!

Find Your Fade

My Fade shawl is coming along.  I finished another lace section and I’m just about to start my third color (fourth in the pattern) of yarn.  Yay! I’m loving how the first two colors blended together so I can’t wait to add another. I’m beginning to see the addiction of fades!  Wow!  

Find Your Fade shawl


Though I have two WIPs that I’m knitting on, I keep finding more and more patterns that I want to start.  However, I’m becoming increasingly alarmed at the amount of yarn leftovers I have from projects.  I’m going to begin researching projects with which I can use some of this yarn. Look for a post about that soon, as I already have some ideas.

Happy knitting!

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