Habitation Throw

WIPs – June 2020

June has flown by and life has been a bit chaotic, which is strange considering “life” is now lived completely within four walls with only one other individual.  But it’s been strange, with odd challenges.  Knitting has been a comfort and a joy – a much needed respite in trying times.  My WIPs have been coming along, and I even have a few FOs!  

So let’s jump in…


Not one, but two finished objects!!

Must Stash Socks…..  These socks are a gift – and are now a FO!  Yay!  I love finishing gifts and this one is done!  These turned out really well.  The colorway is very unique and unlike most other Must Stash colorways.  I’ll tell you more about these later!  

My Vanilla Socks are done!  After about 8 months, these socks, knit in Gynx Yarn,  are finally done!  Since they lived in my car for so long, they didn’t get much love.  But I brought them inside (I’m not in my car these days) and managed to finish them.  So, an FO!  Amazing!  I’ll share these with you soon.

Must Stash Traveling Socks

Since I completed my Vanilla Socks, I needed another project for the car, and for traveling.  While going through my stash, it occurred to me that I’ve never knit a pair of socks for myself out of my beloved Must Stash yarn.  What a tragedy!  So, I chose a colorway and casted on another pair of Vanilla Socks…but with a slight change.  I’m using 9” circular needles, for the first time, instead of double pointed needles.  We’ll see how this goes!

Must Stash Yarn

Habitation Throw

A month in and I’ve used a little over three mini-skeins.  I’m loving this project so far.  It’s a fun, relaxing knit.  I try to work on this at lunch during the work-week, for about 30 minutes.  


My second-ever sweater is coming along nicely!  I now have the sleeves of Cloudesley on hold and am working away at the body.  I have about 8 out of the 12.5 inches done.  Yay!  I was a bit nervous about this pattern to begin with and am now pleasantly surprised at how easy it’s coming along.  The cable section hasn’t given me any grief since the beginning and I really like the subtle variances in the yarn color.  


Stillness Shawl MKAL

This has just started, yesterday, in fact.  I haven’t made much progress.  I did about 12 rows and then had to rip it all out and start over.  Very frustrating!  I’m loving the pictures in the spoiler thread on Ravelry, so that’s a relief!  You never know what you’re going to get with a mystery knit-along, after all!

What’s Next

Since I just started the MKAL and have work to do on Cloudesley, I’m not thinking ahead to next projects.  It’s a bit overwhelming right now, but in a good way! 

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