WIPs – June 2021

So May was hectic….June has been insane.  We spent a week in Montana, I switched jobs, we had a bit of family health emergency….  It’s been non-stop.  I was supposed to have a relaxing week in between jobs but that didn’t happen.  That week turned into a nightmare…and made me extremely grateful for my normal, boring life at home.  I’m hoping that July sees the boring life – in which knitting can happen every day – return.   So on to WIPs for June…

Blurry Cowl

I’ve started my third Blurry Cowl!  This pattern, from Joji Locatellli, is so much fun.  I’m loving how the two colors are coming together in this one.  Not bad for having bought them from different dyers – online! 

Though I’m loving this pattern, I’m hoping to finish this cowl in the next week or week and a half!  

Blurry Cowl

Battenberg Blanket

My crochet square knitting has definitely slowed but I hope to get back to them soon.  I bought the yarn for my neutral color at a yarn store in Montana…  More on that later!  

Candy Cane Lane Advent Shawl

I took this shawl to Montana and got a bit of work done on it during the plane rides and on our two rainy days.  This yarn, the Woolberry Advent Calendar, is so soft and yummy….  I’m hoping all the colors come together well at the end!

Candy Cane Lane

Powder and Dust Shawl

This shawl is a great distraction amongst other projects, which is what I was hoping for when I started it.  The pattern is easy enough, when you’re not on the lace sections, to pick up whenever you want some easy knitting.

Powder and Dust


I finished two socks in June – Scrappy Socks and Helen Stewart’s Altitude Socks.  I love them both!  For my first-ever pair of Scrappy Socks, I used leftovers from my Slipstravaganza.  Once I get both of these washed and photographed, I’ll share them with you!

What’s Next

Socks!  Seriously, I never get bored of knitting socks!  I’m looking forward to my next pair, which will most likely be a Christmas gift!

What’s on your needles?

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