WIPs – June 2022

How is it already almost July!?  This summer is flying by and, given the heat here in Texas, I’m almost glad it is!  Though it’s hot, I’m still knitting away and have more WIPs than I should….but that’s just fine!  You can never have too much knitting!

Let me tell you all about the WIPs….

Coloring Book Christmas Socks

Yes, I’m still knitting Christmas socks!  This adorable colorway from Coloring Book Yarns (who is no longer dyeing, I’m pretty sure), Vintage Holiday, stole my heart and I’m loving how these are knitting up.  For once, I’m not being OCD and these stripes do not match.  Ha!


Selbu Mittens

I’m to the thumbs of these mitts.  I have one on waste yarn and need to move the other to waste yarn.  These are a lot of fun to knit but they require a lot of attention….therefore these cannot be knit in front of the TV.

selbu mitts

Long Summer Cardigan

Again, I forgot to take pictures of this project, which did not get much love this past month.  I think I only got a few rows in.

Habitation Throw #2

I’m so close to finishing my second Habitation Throw using my Advent from Murray Wool Goods.   I may be on the last color….though I may have to use some other yarn to finish this off if I run out.  I hope to be done with this in a week!

Habitation Throw

Battenberg Blanket

I haven’t sewn many squares together on this blanket.  But I’ve made a few squares, here and there.

Battenburg Blanket

October House Cowl

This cowl, based on the Crosshatch pattern from Purl Soho, hasn’t gotten much love at all.  Though I love the yarn, I’m just not loving the slow stitch.

Lava Lake

I was itching to cast on a new shawl so I started Stephen West’s Lava Lake shawl.  I have literally done about 6 rows of the i-Cord beginning, so there’s not much to it.  But I can’t wait to knit this up.  I’ll post about it later on.


I finished Joji Locatelli’s 3 Color Cashmere Cowl this month and it’s lovely!  I ran into one minor hiccup – I ran out of yarn in the lace section, so I shortened that to only two lace repeats (instead of three).  And that was perfectly fine!

I started and finished a pair of socks for a friend: Hedgerow Birthday Socks!  I used my beloved skein from Hedgerow Yarn and these turned out to be delightful!  I’ll share them with you soon!

What’s Next

Knitting is still first and foremost in my heart, but I’ve been reading a lot lately.  I think my mind needs an escape from COVID, from being stuck at home (with no travel), and dealing with constant news that is just never good.  So while I find solace in my knitting, my mind loves the escape that a good novel provides!

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