Snowfall Socks

WIPs – March 2020

What a month!  I was gone for a week, on a cruise, but have been knitting furiously since we got home.  All the extra time at home lends itself to some good, quality knitting time and I love it!  (I’m trying to focus on the positive during this time!)  Today I’m so excited to share with you my WIPs (works in progress) for the month!

Snowfall Socks (above)

I fell in love with the combination of this pattern and the yarn used to knit it in the sample.  When I went to my stash to dig for something comparable, I was delighted to find a skein of Woolberry that was perfect!

And I’m doing contrasting cuffs and toes in a matching Woolberry mini.  I think this is, amazingly, the first time I’ve done this for a pair of socks that I’ve knit for myself.  How is that possible?

Vanilla Socks

These socks, which usually live in my  car, have been brought inside since I’m spending no time in my car these days.  But I still haven’t made any progress on them.  Perhaps I’ll pull them out this weekend!

Vanilla Socks

Find Your Fade

One joy of working from home is being able to knit a few rows on a project when I need a quick break between Zoom calls or research.  So I’ve kept my Fade nearby in the study, with the goal of knitting three rows a day on it. And I’ve succeeded so far! I’m loving how my new skein of October House – Tropic – is blending with Par Avion.  Just lovely!

Find Your Fade


And I’ll soon have two finished objects (FOs) to show you, once I can photograph them properly: the Allie and Arya Shawls.  I really enjoyed these, making me want to knit ALL the shawls!

The Allie Shawl was a kit from Three Irish Girls – seriously, one of my best purchases in a very long time!  I love these colors and would have never put them together myself!! But I can wear this with so many things!  I’m super happy with this FO!

The Arya Shawl, which is an Ambah O’Brien pattern, was such a fun, quick knit.   Using DK yarn certainly spoiled me; it knits up so quickly!


What are you enjoying knitting on these days?  I’m enjoying everything! We’re so lucky to have this craft that we can do all alone.

Now I need to figure out what shawl to cast on next!

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