WIPs – March 2022

I hate to say that I’m ready for spring, because in Texas, spring lasts for about 5 minutes, followed by an eternity of summer (and I don’t like Texas summers)….  But I’m ready for spring.  March, like every other month, has flown by, and I’m not especially keen on the thought of April, due to some work stuff.  But my knitting is giving me comfort!  And I’m loving everything on my needles right now!

So let’s talk knitting!

Zebra Socks

My Christmas sock knitting continues!  For my second pair, I’m using Christmas Color 2 from ZebraYarns and look how festive it is!!  I love how the bare yarn sets off the stripes!  I’ll also use this yarn for the toes, but I’m debating a red heel….  What do you think?  These are, of course, vanilla socks!

ZebraYarns socks

Sunshine Socks

Because I’m yearning for spring, this colorway from Republic of Wool, Walking on Sunshine, seemed appropriate for March/April.  I found an orange mini in my stash from Chasing Rabbits and I can’t wait to see these knit up!  They make me so happy!

Republic of Wool socks

Long Summer Cardigan

I’m trying to get more done on this cardigan, from Joji Locatelli, though I forgot to take a picture for you!  I’ve finished the right shoulder and am working on the left.  So, some progress!  

Habitation Throw #2

This gift knitting is using my Advent from  Murray Wool Goods.   I’m still accomplishing my goal of knitting one mini a week, so now I’m almost halfway done!  Yay!

Habitation Throw

Battenberg Blanket

As I recently said, I’ve started putting together all my little Battenberg squares and the result is perfect! I love it!  I never thought I’d enjoy a crochet project but this one is just pure joy!

Battenberg Blanket

October House Cowl

This cowl, based on the Crosshatch pattern from Purl Soho, hasn’t gotten much love lately.  But I have to travel for work in April, so this may come along for the plane ride!


Amazingly, I had three FOs this month!  My Color Me Sheepish Socks Christmas socks are off the needles and they are perfect!!  My Christmas sock knitting is off to a great start with these!

And for a bit of fun colorwork, I finished my All Together Now Cowl, which the Love in Stitches membership chose to knit. And it was super fun!  I used lots of scraps and couldn’t be happier with this project.  I’m actually tempted to make another one!  More to come on this cowl soon!

Also in March, I started and finished my very first pair of DK socks!  Yes!  I had a skein of A Homespun House 75/25 DK weight yarn and just decided to start!  Two weeks later, I had a pair of socks!  I see much more DK sock yarn in my future!  

What’s Next

I’m ready to start some Selbu mitten knitting but I’m debating taking a class on the subject before jumping in.  I have the yarn and a few books….  But I miss taking classes.  

Of course, I have more Christmas socks to knit and several other ideas for projects… So we’ll see what pops onto the needles next!

Whatever you are knitting, I hope it is bringing you great comfort these days!

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