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Knitting WIPs – May 2019

Works in Progress (WIPs) posts are always fun….but they can be challenging sometimes.  I knit a lot of gifts and would hate to have a gift receiver see something before it is gifted. (Which is also why some of my FOs are so slow to get posted here.)  So, I have to be careful.

My knitting has slowed down a bit, before and after our vacation a few weeks ago, because of a busier schedule.  I hope this trend does not continue throughout the summer because there’s so much I want to knit!

Basic Top-Down Socks

This WIP is a birthday gift, so I can’t say too much.  But I can say that I’m using one of my favorite yarns, Must Stash, for some self-striping awesomeness.  Because of the stripes, I chose to do vanilla socks with no pattern. And I love these kinds of socks – so easy, so fun!  

Must Stash Yarn

Find Your Fade

This Fade may take two years at the rate I’m going.  This is my keep-at-work project that I knit on when I stay in the office for lunch.  (And that’s rare as I work out at lunch two days a week.)

But at least I’m on the second color now!  I’m loving this scrumptious yarn from October House.  And for colors A and B, I used the same color, Rosewater, having more pink to begin.  The second color is pink with shades of yellow, Broken Rose.

Find Your Fade

Baby Gift

I love knitting for babies.  Baby clothes are so little – and quick to knit!  

For this baby gift, I’m testing out my new skill, color work!  And it’s been so much fun! I’m also tackling some skills that I’ve tried very hard to avoid, which I’m proud of myself for doing.  Because of this, I ran into a hiccup that made me put this project on pause for a bit, so that I could consult the knitting gods before moving forward.  I really didn’t want to screw up this WIP – it’s going to be delightful if I can finish it, mistake-free!


I’ve finished four projects this year, so far.  If I can finish the baby gift mentioned above, then I’ll be on track for a project a month.  I like staying on track! It’s very soothing to my OCD soul.

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