WIPs – May 2020

I’m really loving my knitting these days.  And I’ve been super productive!!  I had two FOs (finished objects) earlier this month, which meant I could cast on two more projects…..  And I started a sweater!  What is wrong with me?  Who is this woman now knitting in my body?!  There are so many WIPs to talk about…

….so let’s get to talkin’!

Vanilla Socks

These socks, knit with Gynx Yarn, are slow-going since they’re my in-the-car project.  I haven’t spent much of any time in the car or gone anywhere.  But I’ve managed some rows and hope to do some more this weekend!

Habitation Throw!

Yes!  I cast this on last week and it will use my mini-skeins from the October House Advent Calendar.  I loved this pattern from Helen Stewart and am super excited to knit on this during my lunches at work.  It’s easy and relaxing. 

Habitation Throw

This project will probably take me a year or more to complete.  No joke.

Must Stash Socks

I can only ever go so long without casting on a pair of socks using Must Stash Yarn.  These self-striping skeins make me unbelievably happy – and this one is no exception.  

I’m already done with the legs of these socks.  Knitting with this yarn is addicting as I just want to see the stripes come together ASAP!

Cloudesley (above)

This sweater pattern from Isabell Kraemer caught the eye of my knitting bestie, who passed it on to me.  We cast it on as a KAL (kni-a-long) and I’m enjoying it more than I thought I would.  I’m getting to practice all kinds of skills that I usually don’t utilize!  Again, why am I, a non-garment knitter, enjoying this garment so much?!


Not one but two finished objects!  Wow!  I got done with my Winters Frost Socks and Find Your Fade.  Yes, Find Your Fade is now done!  It’s hard to believe.  I’ll have these up on the blog in no time.  

What’s Next

I’m so overwhelmed with new cast-ons that I can’t really think of what I’ll knit next.  I guess I’d really like to do another shawl and another pair of socks (of course).  It’s hard to knit on too many cold weather items in Texas in the summer, when it’s usually close to 100 degrees!

What are you enjoying knitting on right now?

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