WIPs – November 2020

So…..  What happened to November?  The month has flown by and I cannot believe Thanksgiving is now behind us, as well.  Wow!  I’ve been knitting a ton – and have the WIPs to prove it – but I haven’t finished much.  Why?  Slipstravaganza is why!  This shawlanket is taking up all of my knitting time and I’m still not done.  But I’ve managed some work on some other WIPs, just to have a break from that massive project.  

Here’s what I’m knitting….

Habitation Throw

This project continues to get about 30 minutes of love on weekdays.  And it’s progressing nicely!  I’m now past the midway point so I’m decreasing each row, and shorter rows knit up quicker and quicker.  I’m loving this blanket!!

Habitation Throw

Must Stash Traveling Socks

These socks have not gotten any love this month, mainly due to the tiny FOs down below.  But I have had nightmares about doing the cut in heel, so there’s that.  Ha!  To cut into my beloved Must Stash yarn….  So terrifying!

Must Stash yarn


I got to the point in this shawl where I could stop – for the shorter version.  But I still had plenty of yarn left so I decided to make the larger version.  Why not?!  I’m in this for the long haul, apparently.  I have just two more stripes to go on the chevron stripes…and then I must bind off.  That bind off will take hours.  I’m determined – well, 90% determined – to finish this in the month of November.  Wish me luck.

Advent Socks

I’ll tell you more about these soon but I’m knitting a striped pair of socks for Advent. And I started early.  Yes, I kind of cheated only because I wanted to get my cuffs knit in the contrasting mini before starting my stripes in Advent.  So I just barely have one cuff started (in white).


I’ve been wanting to make some cat toys for years.  So in the midst of Slipstravaganza craziness, I decided to give my fingers a break by knitting little mice (with worsted yarn). And I bought stuffing and stuffed 6 mice with it – and catnip.  I was going to save these for the cats’ Christmas stockings but I couldn’t resist.  And they love them!!  I’ll tell you more about these later but they are a must if you have cats!

What’s Next

I’m looking forward to my Advent socks and then I must turn around and make a pair of socks for my mother.  After that, I’m not sure yet.  I must work on my 2021 knitting goals!!  

What’s next up for you?  Any gift knitting in December?  

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