WIPs – November 2021

November has flown by…just like most of this year.  I was sick for a bit of it and then work got crazy…..  And my knitting was much the same.  I finished my Shawlography MKAL and then got to work on WIPs that I’d let languish.  And still more are languishing.   I hope to finish a few before Advent.

Let me tell you more….

Long Summer Cardigan

This project, from Joji Locatelli,  has gotten no love lately.  I hope to remedy that soon!

Celebration Socks

These socks sat untouched during Shawlography but now I’m done with the heel turn on both!  And I love these!  I’m using yarn from Wool and Vinyl and I’m striping them.  This is the first time I’ve tried this technique, which The Crazy Sock Lady uses – and I love it so far!


Battenberg Blanket

My little squares took a backseat to Shawlography so I’m hoping to get back on the ball with these soon!

Candy Cane Lane Advent Shawl

My goal is to finish this project by December and I can do it!  I only have a few rows left.  And this is going to be amazing!

Candy Cane Lane Shawl


I was so hoping to get pictures of my finished Shawlography, but I’ve been too busy. I hope to share those – and all the details – on the blog next week!

And just after finishing Shawlography, I was able to finish the toes on the 2nd pair of my Halloween Socks.  And I love them just as much as the first pair!!  More on these soon, when I can get my act together!

What’s Next

Advent is next!  I’m still trying to settle on a few projects but I know I’m making at least a few pairs of socks.  And I can’t wait to open Advent calendars!  Yes, that was plural.  I splurged a bit this year and hope to use one of them on a design of my own.  We’ll see.  

I hope your November was filled with lots of knitting!

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