Crooked Ewe Cowl

WIPs – October 2019

October is here!  And while I love this month, it’s been much busier than usual.  I haven’t had time to catch up between all the work and family happenings.  But I have been able to do some knitting, thank goodness! I would have gone insane had I not had some fun projects to knit!  So many FOs and WIPs….

Mischa Baby Dress

This one is done – and just in time for baby Evelyn!   The buttons were a bit tricky to find but I finally found some lovely white ones.  I cannot wait to tell you more about this project, so look for that soon!


A quick project – and FO! – that I need to get blocked is Tin Can Knits’ Beloved bonnet.  I knit this in a baby size for the next little one that comes along. I wanted a quick project and this one was, indeed, quick.  Super quick! So quick that I may knit another one soon! Look for more on this FO soon!

Vanilla Socks

Taking a hint from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s Yarn Harlot, I decided to cast on some socks to keep in the car for doctors’ appointments and hair appointments – all those things that suck time out of our days.  I haven’t done much on these – because I haven’t had many appointments lately – but at least I got both socks going at once, as is my habit!


Crooked Ewe Cowl

My main project this month….  I’m knitting up this cowl (top picture) as a KAL (king-a-long) with my friend, Cheryl.  We bought the yarn together, at the DFW Fiber Fest, in 2016. Yikes! It’s a mini gradient set from Island Yarn and was so delectably displayed that we both bought the same color!  We cast this on together and it’ll be fun to be twinsies when we’re done.

Find Your Fade

This is progressing, though I haven’t had too many lunches in the office during which to knit.  But I’m getting at least one day a week to knit a few rows – I can usually do 3, maybe 4, during my lunch break (these are long rows, after all!).  And I’m still loving the colors and yarn!

Find Your Fade
What’s Next

I’ve decided to knit a hat (as a Christmas gift) for a friend that we’ll see at the beginning of December.  This really is last minute for my OCD planning self. But I’ve got half of the yarn already so I just need the other half.  It’s a fun colorwork pattern – but that’s all I’ll say for now!  

What’s on your needles?  I’m having fun with these projects but I’m itching to do another shawl….not that I’ve finished my Fade yet.  Sigh! So many patterns, so much yarn, and so little time!

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