WIPs – October 2020

I love October.  It’s the gateway month to my favorite time of the year, the holiday season.  It also includes both my birthday and my dad’s birthday….so there’s always a reason to celebrate this month.  It also means cooler temps – usually – here in Texas.  Those cooler temps lead to more knitting and more WIPs…and hopefully more FOs.  

This month was dominated by a last minute, week-long trip to Colorado, which meant we got some much needed rest and time away from the home.  (I love our home but I really miss traveling!)

Now, on to the WIPs….

Habitation Throw

I haven’t gotten as much done on this throw since I chose not to take it to Colorado…and I’ve been a bit distracted by a very colorful MKAL.  But I’ve gotten some rows done and it’s almost time to wind some more mini skeins!!  I’m also now, officially, halfway done!!

Habitation Throw

Must Stash Traveling Socks

I made some good progress on these socks, mainly when I was in between projects before the MKAL started.  I’m still loving the bright stripes – they make me very happy.  

And I’m now committed to doing my first-ever afterthought heel.  Oy.  I’ll have to watch a video and take it slow when the time comes for that.  I’m already nervous, just thinking about it!  Learning new skill is scary!! 

Must Stash Socks


I’ve talked at length about the Westknits MKAL.  As of today, I’m into section 3, so I’m making progress, though I’m still behind.   

I’m loving how the colors are coming together and couldn’t be happier with my yarn choices.   But this shawl is out there and I don’t think I’d choose to knit it if given a choice.  However, Stephen West is a knitting adventurer and I’m learning so many new things to do with yarn and needles….it’s incredible!  


I have two FOs since we last talked WIPs!  I finished Dawn Barker’s Travelers Loop, which I’ll share with you soon.  It was a blast to knit – so easy and yet so pretty and functional.  I wore it all around Colorado and it was super warm and cozy!

Soon I’ll be able to share with you a little something I made for a little someone who’s on the way.  And no, I’m not having a baby.  I knit for other peoples’ babies!!

What’s Next

After the Sipstravaganza, I want to try my hand at some mittens – real mittens.  I’ve only knit fingerless mitts, so it’s time I conquered a thumb!  I found some scrumptious yarn in Colorado that’s finally pushed me into making these.  

But there are so many more projects I’m eager to start!  What about you?  What are you anxious to knit?

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