WIPs – October 2022

October means it’s Stephen West month!  Yes, this month is generally filled with MKAL knitting, thanks to the genius of Stephen West.  So though I’ll give you my WIPs for the month, it goes without saying that practically every knitting moment has gone to the MKAL.  Ha!

Here are my WIPs for the month!

Twists and Turns MKAL

For details on the Westknits MKAL, go here and here.  I won’t post pictures here to avoid spoilers.  This shawl is definitely a work of art and I’m enjoying learning so many new-to-me techniques.  But I’ll be glad to not be so focused on just one project when this is done.  

Must Stash Elf Socks

These socks are so close to being done!  I only have the toes to go!  And I’m still loving this Must Stash sock  yarn – it is just too precious.  I may have to get another skein at some point to knit another pair of socks!  

Must Stash socks

Advent Cowl Wolop

This is such a fun pattern!  I’m using my 2021 Advent from Blush Yarns and am loving how the colors are coming together.  I only got a bit of knitting done on this project this month.

Wolop Cowl

Selbu Mittens

I haven’t made much progress on these mitts.  I’m determined to finish these, but I have to re-find my motivation!

Long Summer Cardigan

This project hasn’t gotten much love this month, thanks to Stephen West. I was amused to see that West incorporated a similar twisted rib in his MKAL – so very much like Joji Locatelli’s in this cardigan.  I have a love/hate relationship with this troublesome stitch!

Battenberg Blanket

This has been another Saturday football project for me –  knitting little squares and then attaching them.  However, not much has happened with this in October.

Battenburg Blanket

Lava Lake

I can only handle one Stephen West shawl at a time so my Lava Lake won’t get any love until the MKAL has finished.  


I didn’t finish any projects this month – though I really wish I’d finished my Elf socks.  Those will be what I grab first after finishing the MKAL. 

What’s Next

Though I’m most likely to not finish the MKAL on schedule, I vow to not be far behind.  Clue 4 is going to be a lot of knitting, but I’m determined to finish soon.  There are so many other things I want to finish up – and begin!

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