September WIPs

WIPs – September 2021

This has been a super productive knitting month, perhaps because college football is in full swing…and we haven’t gone anywhere (which isn’t new).  September is always a  fun month as it begins to cool off – to the 90s – in Texas.  I’ve enjoyed a few crisp mornings outside with my coffee and knitting WIPs.  

And there were alot of WIPs….

Long Summer Cardigan

I don’t often fall in love with knitted garments, but I fell hard for Joji Locatelli’s Long Summer Cardigan.  This cardigan is light-weight, which is perfect for Texas, even though it’s a long cardigan.   Knowing that this is going to be a long-term project, I’m not worrying about it; I’m going to try to enjoy the (very long) process.  

Long Summer Cardigan

2nd Halloween Socks

These are being knit from the leftovers of a pair of socks I knit in about two weeks at the start of September.  See below under FOs for more details.  But these yarns are glorious!!

Halloween Socks

Battenberg Blanket

My little pile of Battenberg squares is growing!!  I try to knit one every day but, in reality, it’s probably about three a week.  They are so much fun, though!!


Candy Cane Lane Advent Shawl

My Advent Shawl is so close to being done!  I’ve actually run out of yarn and am using leftovers to try to get to the end of the pattern.   Crystal Tea Knits designed such a fun project that should definitely be considered if you have an Advent to use this year!

Candy Cane Lane


I finished three pairs of socks this month!!  The Herbstblatt and Junkyarn Socks were both being knit at the same time.  And I enjoyed both immensely.  Both yarns were a joy to knit with and I can’t wait to knit more using both.

One pair of socks was knit entirely in September: my Halloween Socks.  These started from a swap with my Love in Stitches partner.  And I love them!!  I used yarn from EuphoriaKnits and Candy Skein – and both yarns are amazingly squishy.  I loved both of them so much that I’m knitting a second pair – as I told you above.

I knit a cowl – Joji Locatelli’s Paris in Berlin Cowl – in two weeks, finishing it just yesterday.  I made this for a Christmas gift – my last gift knitting of 2021 (probably)!  It was a fun pattern, from Joji Locatelli, and I really enjoyed knitting it.  However, I used Malabrigo Mechita and that was not my favorite yarn to knit with.  Then again, every yarn can’t be a favorite, can it?

What’s Next

The Westknits MKAL is next!  I’ve been trying to finish outstanding projects to make way for this massive, exciting knitalong in October!  We’re now a week and a half away!  I’m so excited!


Knowing that I’ll probably need a break from Shawlography now and then, I plan to cast on some Vanilla Socks to give me something else to knit on when I need a palette cleanser. 

I hope your knitting is keeping you happy and content!

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