WIPs – September 2022

It’s finally fall!  We’ve had the windows up for two mornings in a row and it’s been glorious!  And all these thoughts of fall always end up leading to knitting, of course!  I’m working on clearing WIPs off the needles in time for the Westknits MKAL.  Not long now!

Here are my WIPs for the month!

Must Stash Elf Socks

I’ve wanted to knit with this colorway for forever!  I’ve been infatuated with it for so long, I can’t even remember.  And now I’m finally knitting with it!  Just vanilla socks, but I adore them!

Elf socks

Advent Cowl Wolop

I’m making this fun pattern using my 2021 Advent from Blush Yarns.  I generally work on this every morning for 30 minutes and a bit during football on Saturdays.  And I’m loving the colors!

Wolop cowl

Selbu Mittens

I haven’t made much progress on these mitts.  I’m just not motivated, mainly because the pattern requires so much concentration. I hope I find some motivation soon! 

Long Summer Cardigan

This project has gotten more love this month.  I’ve been knitting on it during football on Saturdays.  

Long Summer Cardi

Battenberg Blanket

This has been another Saturday football project for me –  knitting little squares and then attaching them.  So, a bit more progress than usual!

Battenberg Blanket

October House Cowl

I’ve made the hard decision to frog this cowl.  I’m just not loving the pattern – which is why I haven’t been knitting on it.  I still love the yarn so I’ll wait for a better pattern.  If you have a favorite one-skein shawl pattern, send it my way!

Lava Lake

This shawl from Stephen West is still a joy to knit, but I haven’t had much time to spend on it lately.  Socks have taken most of my time!

Lava Lake


I finished one pair of socks this month – the Second Hedgerow Socks that I started late last month.  This was meant to be a test knit but life got too busy and I couldn’t keep up.   

What’s Next

The Westknits MKAL, of course!  Who knows what Stephen West has up his sleeve this year, but I can’t wait!

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