woolberry advent

Woolberry Advent Calendar

I never knew I’d enjoy yarn Advent calendars as much as I have the past two years.   Last year, October House Fiber came up with a lovely selection of colors for the calendar and it’s making a gorgeous Habitation Throw.  This year, I chose to purchase a calendar from Woolberry.  It’s always fun seeing all the mini skeins together at the end of Advent so I’m delighted to show you these pictures today!

The Calendar

As I was opening these mini skeins, I thought there was a good mix of light and dark colors.  And, seeing them all together, I can see how good of a mix it really is.   I liked that the colors are so different from the October House calendar from last year.  Sure, there are pastels but there are also deep, saturated colors that I’m not always drawn to but really, really like.  

I think this calendar creates a beautiful fade so I may have to do a shawl in a fade.  But, then again, I like how my Habitation Throw is coming out, by mixing the skeins instead of fading them.   Hm……

woolberry advent

woolberry advent

The Extras

This Woolberry calendar consisted of 20 mini skeins, three free patterns, a wool wash, a stitch marker, a small embroidery kit, and a full skein of yarn to open on Christmas Day.  I must admit that I would have preferred getting 24 mini skeins instead of the little gifts.  But some of them were very nice surprises, especially the embroidery kit.  I’ve always wanted to try embroidery!

Upon opening the full calendar, you got a coupon code to download one of two patterns right away. These patterns, from Tamy Gore,  were designed to let you use the Advent kit.  (I didn’t know there were two to choose from so I used the coupon code on the first one when I actually liked the second one more.  Sigh.)  Though I like both of these shawls, I don’t think I’ll knit them with the Advent calendar.  


I really enjoyed this Woolberry Advent calendar and all the little goodies that came with it along the way.   The yarn is so beautiful and the full skein is something I will definitely use, which is a definite perk. 

Next year, I want a more speckledy Advent calendar.  So if you bought a calendar that was especially speckledy this year, let me know the dyer so I can look for a calendar next year.  

As for using these minis, I’m still leaning toward a shawl and the frontrunner is still the Candy Cane Lane Advent Shawl.  If you bought a calendar, what are you going to knit with it? 

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  • Sarah

    This is a beautiful Advent calendar! I have pre-orders up for my 2022 Advent. There is a very limited supply and they will ship early November. There are three yarn bases mixed throughout. 24-20g minis and 1-100g full size skein. Im all about the yarn! This year’s Advent will be a fade and there will be tonals and speckles sprinkled throughout. If you are interested check out my website multifariousnature.com. The theme is Cozy and the inspiration photo captures exactly what I am after. Have a great week!

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