Wool and Vinyl

Wool and Vinyl

I was first introduced to Wool and Vinyl through a swap with a fellow member of KnittyNatty’s Love in Stitches membership.   And I can’t believe I lived so long without this yarn dyer in my life!  Rachael is the amazing dyer behind  Wool and Vinyl.  She is inspired by rock n’ roll and it definitely shows in the vibrant, rebellious colors of her yarn.  It is stunning!  And the speckles are amazing! 

Let me tell you more…


Rachael dyes her amazing Wool and Vinyl yarn on several bases, including…

Classic Rock Sock (Fingering – 80/20)

Rockstar MCN (Fingering – 80% Merino/10% Cashmere/10% Nylon)

Hard Rock DK (100% Merino)

Heavy Metal Bulky (100% Merino)

Wool and Vinyl


If you want the full experience of Wool and Vinyl, it’s best to sign up for Rachael’s mystery club, which ships every month.  I haven’t done this but my swap partner raved about how awesome this club is.  I’ve been so tempted to join in!

Otherwise, Rachael will have some shop updates throughout the year but you must follow her on Instagram to know when these are happening.

Ease of Shopping

During her updates, Rachael’s website is easy to browse and use.  I had no issues with my order, though I knew exactly what I wanted.


When buying from the Wool and Vinyl website, shipping is very reasonable.  Wool and Vinyl yarn can be found at a few shops around the country, but not many.  It’s best to buy directly from Rachael for the best selection.


I love Rachael’s colors!  They are so vibrant, fun, and passionate!  I’m so glad my swap partner introduced me to this dyer! 

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