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Woolberry Advent – First 10 Days

Spoilers ahead!  If you don’t want to see the first ten – actually eleven – days of the Woolberry Classic Advent Calendar for 2020, move on.  I’ve really enjoyed opening these lovely mini-skeins and want to share the first 11 days with you.

I say 11 days because on day 10, there was no mini skein but a pattern code instead.  There was also a choice of a free shawl pattern to begin the Advent calendar – two designs from Tamy Gore.  So cool!

The Calendar

How lovely is this!!

woolberry advent

The second to last skein doesn’t photograph well; it’s a deep plum purple.  So pretty!  And the color names are very Christmas-y…

  1. Cup of Cheer
  2. Believe
  3. One Little Thing….A Ring
  4. Cuddly as a Cactus
  5. Eyes All Aglow
  6. Golden Days
  7. Better Not Pout
  8. Tree Tops Glisten
  9. True Love 
  10.  *pattern*
  11.  This Time of Year


I love these colors; they are gorgeous!  And I love how many different colors are popping up.  I think these will make a great shawl – or a couple cowls.  

Next year, I’ll have to go with a dyer who does more variegated yarn.  I love this Woolberry calendar but my heart is always yearning for variegated skeins and, while this calendar has some variegated colorways, I think I’ll try to find one that is more colorfully variegated next year.  


So what am I going to do with this calendar?  I have a few thoughts:

  • Tamy Gore’s Amani Shawl – which was a freebie with the calendar – is a lovely triangle shawl.  I think I’m learning that I prefer triangle or crescent-shaped shawls…and this one is stunning.
  • Helen Stewart’s Hearten Cowl, which was a Knitvent pattern this year, beautifully showcases mini skeins.  My only hesitation with this is that I don’t have many opportunities to wear cowls.
  • Crystal Tea Knits’ Candy Cane Shawl looks wonderful. It’s a triangle-shaped shawl designed to be knit with mini skeins.  And it’s so pretty!


I definitely like that the Woolberry calendar has so many bold colors.  Now I’ll just have to wait and see how they all play together and then choose a pattern.

What are you going to knit with your calendar??  There are so many choices!!

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