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Woolen Women Fibers

Today I’m sharing with you a dyer who caught my eye due to their amazing use of color.  And themes.  Woolen Women Fibers puts together lovely kits which include yarn and progress keepers/stitch markers (and sometimes bags!).  These kits are based on pictures, holidays, season, etc.  But the yarn (which can always be bought separately)…..  The colorways this dyer produces is just amazing!

Woolen Women is dyed by a mother (a molecular scientist!) and her twin daughters.  Let me tell you more about their yarn….


Woolen Women is dyed on many bases, including…

Rachel (Fingering – 80% SW Merino/10% Cashmere/10% Nylon)

Makinson and Hutchinson (Fingering – 75% SW Merino/20% Nylon/5% Stellina)

Matsumoto  (Fingering – 72% Kid Mohair/28% Silk)

Owen (Fingering – 80% SW Merino/20% Nylon)

Addie (Fingering – 75% SW Merino/25% Nylon)

Goderich (Fingering – 100% SW Merino)

Sojourner  (DK – 100% SW Merino)

Keckley  (Worsted – 100% SW Merino)

Rinker  (Bulky/Chunky – 100% SW Merino)

Woolen Women


Woolen Women always has so much for sale on their website!  I’m amazed at their creativity for color and themes!  I’m sure you can always find something to love there! 

Ease of Shopping

The Woolen Women website is easy to use and navigate.   You sort by collection or all yarn/kits.


When I ordered, shipping was very fast and reasonably priced.


Be sure to follow Woolen Women Fibers on Instagram to see what they’re currently dyeing up.  I’m loving the seasonal themes they have now!

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