Yarn Bliss Box

Yarn Bliss Box – April 2022

I’ve long been a follower and newsletter subscriber of Speckled Finch Studios. Nina, the dyer behind the studio, is such an amazing artist with a keen eye for color.  Many, many times, I’ve come so close to ordering yarn from her.  Recently, I just couldn’t resist a purchase…  Nina introduced the Yarn Bliss Box a little over a month ago and I just had to finally take the plunge….

What It Is

The Speckled Finch Studios Yarn Bliss Box is a monthly yarn subscription.   Each month you get one, or two (your choice), skeins of yarn and some goodies.  Also included in the box is a discount code for Nina’s shop, just in case you need more yarn.  

The colorways in the Yarn Bliss Box are exclusive and won’t be dyed by Nina for a year.  

Generally, I like to pick out my own yarn, instead of subscribing to such services.  But since you can cancel anytime, I chose to try it for a few months.  Because…why not?!

April Edition

The April edition of the Yarn Bliss Box arrived just around the first of the month and was a delight to open.  The theme: April Showers.  

Yarn Bliss Box

First off, the yarn.  Oh my!  I was so ecstatic with this colorway – muted pinks and greens….  I love this color combination and, as always, Nina has such a light, lovely touch with her dyeing.  This is a lovely colorway.

The other goodies were rain drop stitch markers and a progress keeper….in the form of an umbrella!!  These adorable markers were made by Firefly Notes Online.  Also in the box was a beautiful sticker and a seed bomb – plant it and you’ll get some lovely wildflowers!  How adorable is that?!  (This was from Free Mountain Designs.)

Yarn Bliss Box


I’ve already kept my subscription for May because, how can I not?  Sure, I don’t need more yarn but yarn doesn’t expire and I’ll use it all eventually…  Hopefully I live a long time and can just sit and knit away in my old age….  I digress.

There’s currently a wait list for the Yarn Bliss Box.  If you’re at all interested, I suggest you join the wait list because I cannot wait to see what Nina comes up with in the coming months! 

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