January's Yarn Bliss Box

Yarn Bliss Box – January 2023

It’s January!  It’s 2023!  How is that possible!?!  With the new month comes another Yarn Bliss Box!  So exciting!  I’ve subscribed to the Yarn Bliss Box from Speckled Finch Studios for ten months now!  And these boxes still continue to delight me!  They have been put together so beautifully and January is no exception. This month’s theme: sheep and all things wooly!  

What It Is

Nina of Speckled Finch Studios has created the Yarn Bliss Box, which is a monthly yarn subscription.  Each month you get one or two skeins of fingering-weight yarn and some goodies.  Also included in the box is a discount code for Nina’s shop, just in case you need more yarn.  

The colorways in the Yarn Bliss Box are exclusive and won’t be dyed for a year.  

You can cancel anytime, which helps if you’re uncertain about mystery yarn colors, like myself!  

January's Yarn Bliss Box

January Edition

As usual, Nina surprised me with this box!!  The yarn, I Heart Ewe, is bare with  lovely speckles of purples and browns/greens.  I love purples so this makes me very happy!  

Also included were some fun goodies…  A sheep sticker, which I really need tattooed on my forehead,  from Apartment 2 Cards.  And a set of sheet stitch markers from A Needle Runs Through It.  These are too adorable! 

Then, as a perk for being a long-time subscriber, Nina included additional goodies: a pair of scissors, which I really needed, and some herbal tea.  How lovely!  

January's Yarn Bliss Box

(Nine, I really could use a tape measure or two next!  Ha!)


Every month, I think of canceling this box but then I just can’t bring myself to do it.  The yarn is gorgeous and, as an added bonus, I’m finally filling all my project bags with much-needed notions!!  What’s not to love?!

If you’re looking for a yarn subscription box, I highly recommend the Yarn Bliss Box!

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