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Yarn Bliss Box – May 2023

I love spring for one reason: yarn dyers start creating colors that I adore!  Pinks, purples, and so much more!  Thankfully, I got something very much like this in the mail a few weeks ago!  I’ve subscribed to the Yarn Bliss Box from Speckled Finch Studios for fourteen months now!  And these boxes continue to bring me joy!  They have been put together so beautifully and May is no exception. This month’s theme is cherries!

What It Is

Nina of Speckled Finch Studios has created the Yarn Bliss Box, which is a monthly yarn subscription.  Each month you get one or two skeins of fingering-weight yarn (speckled or tonal – you can now choose which – or both!) and some goodies.  Also included in the box is a discount code for Nina’s shop, just in case you need more yarn.  

The colorways in the Yarn Bliss Box are exclusive and won’t be dyed for a year.  

You can cancel anytime, which helps if you’re uncertain about mystery yarn colors, like myself!  

Yarn Bliss Box

May Edition

Nina continues to find the best tissue paper to use in her boxes – this one was, of course, of cherries!  (It’s the little things…..)

This month’s yarn colorway is called Cherry on Top and is a lovely variegated skein with red, pink, purple, ivory, teal, and a bit of greenish yellow.  Very different – and so pretty!

There seemed to be more in this box than usual….!  There was a cherry progress keeper from Firefly Notes, a cherry candy stick, and a sheet of cherry stickers from Pipsticks.  So thoughtful!

My box also included an early bird bonus – and I have no idea how you get these extras.  But they were great – a tape measure (thank you!!!) and a bar of cherry almond soup (which smells amazing).  Wow!


Nina always surprises me with these boxes and their themes!  And the extra goodies are always a delight!  If you’re looking for a yarn subscription box, I can’t recommend the Yarn Bliss Box enough!

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