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Yarn Organization, Part 2

Not long ago, I started a yarn organization project (this is second part in a two part series).  It kind of coincided with the beginning of our quarantine, which was nice.  But my guest room closet was overflowing with skeins of yarn – and bits of skeins.  It was ridiculous.  I had no idea what I had or where anything was.  

So I pulled everything out.   And started organizing. 

Full Skeins

Do you like playing with your stash of yarn?  I do – but I rarely get the opportunity because it’s so disorganized.  Well, it was disorganized.  

I keep my yarn in plastic bins.  But I had the bad habit of just throwing purchased yarn into the closet without adding it to the bins, mainly because the bins were overflowing.  So I pulled everything out and organized the yarn by weight and fiber content. It’s not perfect but it’s so much better than it was.  I also took all the yarn of the plastic baggies and shipping bags.   (This was also a bad habit I had – keeping the original packaging!  But some dyers use the cutest bags….like, llama bags!!)


The process of weighing and labeling all of my yarn scraps took time – serious time.  But it was so worth it.  I had no idea what I had left because it was so scattered.  I found leftovers from some of my very first knitting projects, which was fun.  And some unidentifiable skeins (though only one in reality, which was amazing).

yarn organization

For Christmas, I asked for these metal wire baskets, which I thought would be perfect for my yarn scraps.  And they are!  I dispersed them throughout my guest room, so all of our overnight guest can look upon my glorious yarn.  Ha!

In reality, these baskets were perfect for the yarn.  My fingering weight yarn scraps filled two baskets.  The other holds DK and Aran weight scraps.  And the scraps I had leftover were able to fit in one of my half-empty yarn bins.  


Since I’m a very OCD, Type A person, having my yarn finally organized is a great relief.  I can now go into my guest room closet without feeling overwhelmed and defeated by my yarn stash.  And hopefully our overnight guests will appreciate my hard work, as well. 

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