Yarn Scraps

I’m writing this post to motivate myself to get organized.  This probably won’t happen until the new year so you’ll have to bear with me in the coming months as I brainstorm.  As you know, I have too much yarn. If you’re a knitter with no stash, I’m amazed – utterly amazed. I have too much of it and now I have too many scraps.  (To be clear, scraps are the leftover bits of skeins from finished objects (FOs).)  

These poor leftover souls are wandering around, homeless, in my guest room closet so I need to do something with them.  Here are my ideas….

Make a Yarn Wreath

I’m sure you’ve seen these on Etsy and social media.  They’re adorable! You can come up with so many fun color combinations!  My main concern with this is using very good yarn for something that’s not knitting.  I just don’t know if I can do it….

yarn wreatch
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Make a Scrap Blanket

I’ve seen many knitters do this – knit a square (4×4-ish) of every yarn they knit with and sew them all together into a blanket.  This is a great idea but I have some concerns. The first is that I would have to turn around and knit the square right after finishing a project, thereby creating more work for myself.  And then, if I don’t knit the square right away, it will never get knitted.

But should I actually knit this blanket, what the heck would I do with it?!

Use for Decoration

I’ve seen knitters fill vases and glass bowls with leftover yarn scraps.  I like this idea but whenever I try it, I think it looks messy. I’m a bit too OCD for this idea, I think.  After all, I’d need to include only coordinating colors, which leaves too many leftovers ineligible. Ha!  

Plus, the cats would have to be unable to access the yarn because they’d eat it or choke on it while trying to eat it.  Or probably do something worse that hasn’t even occurred to me.

Measure and Re-Use

Perhaps the most appealing solution to me requires a bit of work.  I could weigh each leftover ball, record the weight (thereby figuring out the yardage left) and use these leftovers to make heels and cuffs on socks…or borders and stripes in other projects.  


Decisions, Decisions

I think I’ll do a combination of things.   Maybe Measure and Re-Use but use for decoration until a time when the balls are reused.  

What do you think?  Which sounds most appealing to you?

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