Zebra Christmas socks

Zebra Christmas Socks

In an effort to make more Christmas socks, I decided to finally make a pair of socks for my husband.  This was my first attempt…and they fit him!  These socks, using yarn from Zebra Yarns, were a delight to knit…and it’s always a plus when gifted socks actually fit the person they’re intended for!  Now they’ll go into a drawer and hopefully my hubby forgets about them for several months!

The Yarn

I found out about Zebra Yarns from a few podcasters and when I saw this Christmas colorways, I knew it’d be perfect for gift knitting!  And when my husband saw it and liked it, I finally decided it was time to make him socks!

The Pattern 

For these socks, I used a pattern from Kay Litton, the Crazy Sock Lady, to knit these on two circular needles…so not Magic Loop. 

I really do like the method of using two circulars.  And Kay has a great video to walk you through this technique.  


Pattern:  Vanilla Socks on Magic Loop by Crazy Sock Lady Designs

Yarn: ZebraYarns Merino Nylon Fingering in Christmas Color 2

Needles: US 1 (2.25 mm)

Made for: me   

Time to Completion:  9 weeks

Zebra Christmas socks

I was knitting on several projects when I was working on these socks so they took some time.  And I also had to cast on many more stitches than my usual.  My husband likes tall socks so I had to keep knitting and knitting on the leg.  (I don’t like long legs on my socks and frequently make shorties.)

For the cuff, heel, and a bit of the toe, I used a bare mini skein.  And I love how these socks turned out!  I used almost every bit of yarn and actually threw away the leftovers, which I usually hoard.  

I guess there are advantages to knitting longer legs!  Less yarn waste!

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